1875 New York State Census




TRANSCRIBERS:   Kay Brearton, Marie McConky, Bev DeFilippis, Terry Bora, Sharon Minkel, Marialice Manigan, Bob Miller, Sharon King, Joe Murnane, John Nolan, Lynn Grice, Bob McConihe, Pat Connors

***REMEMBER:  This is not a source document.  It is merely an index.  If you think you find an entry of one of your ancestors, remember to go back to the original document to check the accuracy of the entry.


NOTE:  This is a provisional database.  While it has been checked against the film of of the census, first by the transcriber and then by the webmaster who put all the pages together, the film was not in the greatest condition and mistakes were probably made, so the database is now being proofed against the original census book located in the Rensselaer County Clerk's Office in Troy.  When this final step has been completed this note will be gone from this page.


ABBREVIATIONS used:  dgt=daughter, bdr=boarder, svnt=servant, IL=in law, moth=mother, fath=father, neph=nephew, stp=step, adpt=adopted, gr=grand (like gr son= grandson), sis=sister, bro=brother

PLACE OF BIRTH:  Instructions to the enumerator was to put county of birth, if born in New York State, put state name only if born out of NYS but within the USA, and put country only if born outside of NYS.  Therefore, Washington=NYS county, WA=state of Washington, DC=Washington DC, Albany=Albany county, NYC=New York County (Manhattan).  Of course, like anything else, at times the enumerator put in a city and/or town.  If he did, we also used it.

ADDITIONAL NOTES:  You will find many ?? in our transcription.  They are there because we were not 100% sure of the entry and we have interpreted them to the best of our ability.  Also, you will find a number of (sic), this means we recognized the enumerator made a mistake but we are transcribing exactly as written.  This happened a number of times with the spellings of surname.  He would spell the first one and then the succeeding ones differently from the first.


?? to Borotell

Boville to Colt

Colwell to Dele

Dempsey to Fitzpatrick

Flaherty to Halen

Haley to Humphrey

Hunt to Lattimore

Lavin to McBride

McCabe to Murphey

Murphy to Pollard

Pollack to Seymour

Shanabeg? to Tatie

Taylor to Zanigg



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