County Mayo

Surnames Roster
updated March 03, 2014


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Surname Mayo Location Emigration Where/Year Contact
Mack, McManamon Ballycroy 1800-1900s PA, NY, OH, NJ, FL, WY Marie
Mackell, Mackle Cuileen bef 1906 Boston MA Joan Rea
Mackie Bellina not given Anne & Liam Patterson
Mackin unknown 1884 Philadelphia PA Lorraine Faris
Madden Corraun Achill not given Patricia Madden
Magee Castlebar 1840 Rochdale, Lancashire UK Michael Scully
Maher, Mahar unknown bef 1860 NY or PA Rhonda Chesnutt
Maille, (O) Malley Clare Island, Kilgeever not given Sheila M Block
Maille, (O)Malley Steelaun, Rathfran 1907 Scronton PA, NY, NY Leslie O'Malley
Mahon unknown 1840 Bill Rafferty
Mairs Newport unknown Sheila
Mairs Ballina 1836 Eleanor Gordon
Maley not given not given Ken Maley
Maley Backs, Knockmore 1845 Leeds, Yorkshire, England Pat
Malia not given not given John Victor
Malloy Main St, Castlebar 1890s Hoboken NJ, NYC Tom McLoughlin
Malloy Claremorris 1900 Pat Carragher
Malloy Carracanada Swinford 1890s Pat Malloy
Mal(l)oy unknown pre 1837 CAN . Oswego NY Bunny
Maloney unknown ca 1840 Liverpool Margaret M Doherty
Maloney Charlestown 1965 Bronx NY Veronica Roccisano
Maloney unknown 1830-40s Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Cliff Timpson
Maloney Cong 1850s PA Bill Auld
Maloney Swinford 1849-50 England & Wales Gill Rice
Maloney, Mullowney Dalteen, Kilcolman 1850 Ormskirk UK Tommy Maloney
Manley Ballina early 1900s Virginia O Morgan
Manley Glencastle 1846 Grosse Ile, QC >> Lincoln/Welland Co, ONT, CAN Sharon
Manley Gladree ca 1847 WVa Gerald Manley
Manley Ballina 1849 Eleanor Gordon
Manning Castlehill, Bingham Castle etc 1880 NY, Scranton PA Beth Cherkowsky
Mannion not given not given Pam Thornton
Mannion Cloonamna Kilmovee England Bernard Dunn
Mannion Kilaturly 1893 NY, Chicago Mary Maley
Marsh unknown unsure C Douglass
Martin Shrule 1880s Manhattan NY Deb Dooley
Martin Kilquain (Quansboro) 1882 Troy NY Kevin Pemrick
Martin Claremorris 1890 Philadelphia PA Edie Craner
Masterson unknown pre 1863 St Louis MO Jim Lindsay
Maughan, Mahon etc Kilmaine, Mollaroe, Lecarrow 1850-1930 Cleveland, Chicago Pat Walsh
Maughan, Mouchan Swinford? 1841 onwards Wolverhampton Katharine Martin
May Balina 1855 England Joyce Grant
May Ballinrobe 1871 Scranto PA; 1884 Madison WI Pam Hays
Mayberry Knappagh 1863 Melbourne AU Neil Mayberry
Mayberry Castlebar 1900 Clinton MA Rena Mayberry
Mayo not given 1638 Boston MA John D Mayo Jr
Mayo Islandeady 1850s Lancashire ?Providence RI 1890s Ed McGrath
Moyock Massbrook, Lahardane, Castlebar not given Susan Pleasant
Mayock Aughanlonteen, Addergoole Y? Birkenhead, England John Harrison
Mayock Lahardane, Addergoole 1865 Luzerne Co. PA Mardi Noetling
Mayock Addergoole CP, Lahardane, Aughlonteen not given Jan Pestey
McAdam not given 1845 Delores Burton
McAloon not given Scranton PA Walton J Sullivan
McAlpin Westport 1831 Quebec, 1840 Indiana George MacVeigh
McAndrew not given Canada Pat Ryan
McAndrew Belmullet 1880 US Joe McAndrew
McAndrew not given 1848-49 Ohio, USA Jeanne McAndrew
McAndrew Castlebar ca 1851 Scotland Susan Sylke
McAndrew Belmullet 1923 Boston MA John McAndrews
McAndrew Belmullet ca 1864 Pennsylvania, some didn not emig Magie Cowan
McAndrew Cloonkee, Ballina (Cloonierin) not given Victor McAndrew
McAndrew Belmullet ca late 1800s, Newcastle-upon-Tyne John Fryatt
McAndrew Ballina 1880? Pennsyvania Cenright
McAndrew Rathreedane unknown Cherie Whitbread
McAndrew Addergoole CP, Lahardane,Ballymacredmond not given Jan Pestey
McAndrews Bango Erris 1890-1900 England James McAndrews
McAndrews Belmullet b 1801, d 1883 Canada Jill Durkee-Burgoyne
McAteer not given no given Lorraine
McAvady, McEvady Swineford, Bohola 1890s onward UK & USA Vin
McAvan Ardmore 1894 USA Linda J Voster
McBride not given 1849 Canada Tammy O'Byrne
McCafferty Achill Falkirk Carol McCafferty
McCann Newport area 1850s central Pennsylvania Thor Conway
McCann not given 1850s? WI Joni Leffler
McCarthy unknown 1850 Brooklyn NY Joanne
McCauley Addergoole ca 1880 USA Michael McCauley
McCavock Moygownagh not given Michael Wooldridge
McConaghy Achille Island 1870 Ontario CAN Anne Jane
McCormick Hollymount 1906 NY, KS Caroline McCormick
McCue, McHugh Ballyhaunis, Bekan 1885-90 Philadelphia Alice Mary
McDermott unknown mid 1800s Cleveland OH P Barton
McDermott Knockmaria, Addergoole 1881 Chicago William Karr
McDermott Caheredmond Townland, Ballinrobe 1843-45 Canada Jerome J McDermott
McDermott Shammer, Barnacogue USA Jackie Lyons
McDermott Ballyhaunis England, USA Sara
McDermott Addregoole Chicago IL & Colorado Catherine Riley
McDonagh Rabaun, Castlesheenaghan, Swineford 1908 Brooklyn NY Dawn McMahon
McDonagh Kiltimagh not given Nancy M Reeb
McDonagh Farranasculloge, Ballina 1922 NY, NY Jim Kelly
McDonagh Bohola, Kaltimagh 1910-30 St Louis MO Ann Grisham
McDonnell Westport 1860 Pittston PA Jeanne Bilsky
McDonald unknown 1850s Scranton PA Mary L Casey
McDonald unknown pre 1883 St Louis MO Jim Lindsay
McDonald not given Hawley PA Walton J Sullivan
McDonald, McDonnell Mayo Lancashire, Flintshire Heather McDonald
McDonell Mayo England or USA Thomas Joseph
McDonnell unknown 1858 NY > Newport RI Donald Keyes
McDonnell Castlebar ca 1870 NY Colin Harlingten
McDonnell Westport 1860 Pittston PA Jeanne M Bilsky
McDonnell, McDonald Ballycastle 1840s Carbondale PA Carol
McDonnell, McDonald Mayo 1850s Bolton, Lancs > NY 1872 Pat Gallagher
McDonnell, McDonald Springfield, Castlebar 1837, Ontario CAN Marnie
mcDonough not given 1850 Mississippi Nadine
McDonough Ballyhaunis 1921 NY >> Philadelphia Kathleen R Kobie
McDonough, McDonagh Ballentuber, Killalla, Athavally Carbondale PA Patricia A McDonough
McEllin Kiltimagh not given Nancy M Reeb
McEntee not given ca 1860 Ontario CAN Mary VanZwoll
McEntee Louisburgh West Troy (Watervliet) & Troy NY ca 1840s-1900s Pat Connors
McEntee Louisburgh New Hampshire ca 1850s Pat Connors
McEvady Castlebar 1890? England Rory
McEvily unknown 1888 NYC Marylyn Bell
McEvilly Louisburgh did not emigrate Mary Jochum
McFadden Streamstown, Belclare 1888 Lead SD & Butte MT Mary Ellen Chambers
McGin Aughagower Par, Tonlegee Butte 1903-13, Dayton OH Detroit, Phil PA etc Mary B Chervenak
McGing Westport & Kinnewry England & US Nicola Batmaz
McGing Aughagower Par, Arderry Chicago, Butte early 1900s, Eng Mary B Chervenak
McGing Tourmakady everywhere John McGing
McGinty Inishkea Island, Rusheen Island 1867-71 Holyoke MA > New Richmond WI Dorrene
McGinty Ashleam Achill Sound not given Margaret
McGinty poss Ballycroy area 1860-70s Juneau WI Joni Leffler
McGinty Ballycroy 1836 CAN, Buffalo NY, Xenia OH, Indianapolis  IN Mary Leinenbach
McGinty Ballycroy 1883 Edwina Ward
McGirr not given Australia Geoff McGirr
McGlynn unknown 1870 Johnstown NY>1874 Brooklyn Nan
McGoff not given Scranton PA Evelyn Scheller
McGough unknown ca 1896 Karen Doloughty
McGough Castlebar area 1895-1905 Chicago IL Frank Dynan
McGovern Westport? 1860+ Cleveland OH, IA Rosemary Raeske
McGowan Achill 1848 Wayne Co, OH Valerie M Doyle
McGowan Lahardane Cleveland OH Susan Pleasant
McGowan Islandeady 1847 Mike McGowan
McGowan Glenhest ca late 1830s Connie Ernst
McGowan Crossmolina late 1880s Michael Donnelly
McGowan not given 1836 M Quinn
McGrath Belmullet 1920 UK, England, Scotland Stephen McGrath
McGrath Shrule, Stonepark 1898 Providence RI Ed McGrath
McGrath unknown NJ>NYC Rose M McGrath
McGrath not given 1870-80 NJ M M VonVille
McGrath Coarsefield 1848 Boston MA > VA Vicki McGrath
McGrath unknown 1850 Brooklyn NY Joanne
McGreal Wesport 1863 NY, PA, Brooklyn NY E M McGreal
McGreal Owenwee, Westport 1936 UK, 1956 Canada Rory McGreal
McGreavey unknown pre 1850 Liverpool Jim Brennan
McGreevy Cloondaff, Addergoole Par. 1880 Scranton PA J Willis
McGuinness Ballina 1879 Australia Joy Poole
McGuire Ballina bef 1860 Scranton PA Georgia Cavanaugh
McGuire not given Ormskirk, Lancashire ENG > Scranton PA 1893 Anne Pashenee
McGuire Ballyhean, Castlebar 1915 Cleveland OH John McGuire
McGuire Aughagower 1881? Liverpool Julie Westlake
McGuire Westport 1852 CAN > KY>OH>IN Linda Rodgers
McGuire Aughagower 1899 Philadelphia Dennis DePaul
McGuire, Maguire not given 1848 Liverpool Daisy Hollenbeck
McHale Lack Chicago Michael Lee
McHale Westport, Turlough 1850 Philadelphia Regina Bell
McHale White Gap 1846 Straffordshire > Australia Evelyn Davies
McHale not given ca 1850 Liverpool, UK Donnamarie Barnes
McHale Westport 1860 Pittston PA Jeanne Bilsky
McHale Kincon, Kilfian parish 1908 NYC Jim Kelly
McHale Foxford not given Jean
McHale Cloughans, Ballina 1887 Rosewell, Midlothian, SCOT Michael McHale
McHale unknown 1872 Ishpeming, Marquette Co., MI Sally Davidson
McHale Tonybaun, Toneybane ca 1846 Wrexham, No Wales Eve Pryde-Roberts
McHale Westport 1860 Rochdale, Haslingden>Lowell MA>C Falls RI Bob Martin
McHale Foxford Leeds UK James Fisher
McHale Kilbelfad, Backs par. not given Lynn Howser
McHale Ballina 1848 Baltimore Ellen Hennessy
McHale Addergoole not given Maureen M Morrow
McHale Ballygommon, Corraun, Gortlahan not given Ray McHale
McHale Foxford, Toomore parish ca 1880 England Linda Blamire
McHale Ballina Area & Ballysakeery Par various Joe Egan
McHale Castlebar 1848-51 Renfrew Co ONT Dorothy H Amis
McHale Newport, Louisburgh not given Tony McHale
McHale not given 1853 Jim Heston
McHenry Ballycastle 1895 Chicago IL Cecelia M Harris
McHugh Knockmaria, Addergoole 1881 Chicago William Karr
McHugh Swinford ca 1870 PA Frank
McHugh Swinford > Charlestown 1930s 1966 Bronx NY Veronica Roccisano
McHugh not given 1860 New York Joe Murphy
McHugh Castlebar ca 1930s Marie
McHugh poss Ballycroy area 1840-50s Sauk, Juneau WI Joni Leffler
McHugh Caher not given Nancy M Reeb
McHugh Knockatubber USA Sam Hartshorn
McHugh, McCue Bekan New Jersey Janet Sandberg
McIntyre Broadhaven, Belmullet New York Phil McIntyre
McIntyre Castlebar 1905 Cleveland OH Anne Demanelis
McIntyre, McIntire Charlestown to Curry area 1910-7 Butte MT Delia Kramer
McKee not given 1847 St Johns NB, CAN Rolande Gay
McKee not given after 1890 California Donna Leckenby
McKenna Knockfree not given Kate Sullivan
McKenzie Cloonamna not given Thomas Allen
McKenzie not given ca 1850 Covington KY, Cincinnati OH Pat B Hiler
McKenzie Cloonamna 1840 Rochdale, Lancashire UK Michael Scully
McLain, Mc Lane/Lean etc not given bet 1850-60 US Eleanor
McLane unknown 1870 USA Don McLane
McLane Ballysakerry, Rathbal 1847 CAN, Dansville NY Don McLane
McLaughlin not given 1867 Philadelphia PA Leo Hackett
McLoughlin Shanvagher, Eden Knock 1946 UK Peter Mullahy
McLoughlin Main St, Castlebar 1890s Hoboken NJ, NYC Tom McLoughlin
McLoughlin Cloonfert 1874 Clinton IA Jacqui Logan
McLoughlin Killala n/a Jim Kelly
McLaughlin Ballina 1895 Philadelphia Cincy Grosch
McLoughlin unknown betw 1905-35 Boston Melanie Tomaio
McLoughlin Clarkfield, Knock 1907 Tonapah NV Roberta Bemis
McLoughlin Kiltimagh late 1800s-1900s England Peter Anderson
McLoughlin, McLaughlin poss Ballcroy area ca 1855 Sauk Co WI Joni Leffler
McLoughlin, McLaughlin Islandeady, Castlebar 1850 Hawley PA Pat Barry
McMahon Westport Chicago IL, USA Dr Robert Rice
McMahan unknown before 1848 Massachusetts Deb Brunt
McManamon Ballycroy, Claggen 1930s Cleveland, USA Kevin McManamon
McManamon Mayo 1880s Liverpool ENG Jim
McManaman prob. Achille Island by 1856 Cleveland OH Jo Banks
McManamon Srahrevagh, Srahmore, Newport 1925 Chicago P F McManamon
McManus Cloonbrone, Ardagh Parish not given Sandy Wire
McMyler Commauns, Castlebar USA Mary Hughes
McMyler Commauns not given John McMyler
McNally Castlebar bef 1850 Australia & Carson City NV USA Charla Hardesty
McNally Cross, near Louisburgh 1897-1901 Ray McNally
McNally Ballina pos Buffalo NY Stuart Wright
McNamara Mayo Chicago IL Artie Purcell
McNamara Carramore, Louisburgh 1865 Clinton MA Rosemary Foley
McNamara Carroniskey, Doughmakone did not emig Noreen Loftus-Spilman
McNamara Kiltimagh not given Nancy M Reeb
McNamara Newport 1851 Scranton, Olyphant PA Maureen Kilcullen
McNamara Louisburgh 1883 NY > Boston Kathleen O'Malley
McNeely not given 1847 Fond du Lac WI, St Louis MO Julie Chitwood
McNeely Westport? Kilgeever? 1842 CAN Doreen Guerriero
McNeil Swinford 1912 USA Jim Daly
McNicholas Bohola 1884 Liverpool Donna Jones
McNicholas Kiltimagh 1880s Oregon Joe Holder
McNicholas Killasser 1888 USA Warren McNicholas
McNicholas Lugnavoddoge, Cappavarig 1896 Brooklyn, Chester John Dougherty
McNicholas Bohola ca 1901 Philadelphia & PA John McNicholas
McNicholas Woods, Kiltimagh 1913 NY >> Chicago IL Christine Lydon
McNicholas Kiltimagh, Bohola not given Nancy M Reeb
McNicholas Bohola not given John McNichols
McNicholas Treenagleragh, Kiltimagh Minnesota > CA Margaret S Kristich
McNulty Ballaghaderreen 1906 Julie
McNulty Cashel, Charlestown 1904 Philadelphia PA, USA Michelle
McNulty Drumneen, Killalla Boston MA, Yorkshire UK Patricia McNulty
McNulty not given 1880 USA Donna Santini
McNulty Swinford 1850s Cincinnati OH Theresa W Resino
McNulty not given 1821 onward Kathryn Drew
McNulty Curnageltha, Killasser 1897 NYC Ginny McCaffrey
McNulty Foxford 1880 PA James McNulty
McNulty Swinford 1848 Wigan, Lancashire ENG Anne Gerhard
McNulty Castlebar ca 1846 Wrexham, No Wales Eve Pryde-Roberts
McNulty Rooskey, Foxford, Culdalee early 1900s Winchester,  Woburn MA Mike O'Donnell
McNulty unknown Dunmore PA > Scranton Sean Shields
McNulty Charlestown 1870s Failsworth, Oldham, Lanc. ENG Lynda Youel
McNulty unknown 1847 New Orleans Jim McLoughlin
McPhelin Turlough 1889 Philadelphia Kathy Kaminiski
McQuade Ballina 1847-8 Australia Tom Rasmussen
McTague Ballina 1850s Janesville, Scranton PA Mary L Casey
McTighe Ballinrobe 1898 Jersey City NJ Pat Cianci
McTigue Dowagh Cross 1910 New York area Roisin McTigue
McTigue Tawnycoolawee, Aglish Parish 1887-90 Clearfield Co, PA E Whelan-Terrin
McTigue Islandeady 1890s Chicago Diane
McTigue Irishtown 1850 NYC, NY Mark G McTigue
McTigue Ballina 1870 Scranton PA Jack Donahue
Mea Ballinrobe area Waddington NY Eric Halpin
Meagh Coogue, South Ballyhaunis 1965 England Tom Meagh
Mears Shanaghy 1846 Calais ME, USA David Myers
Meath Claremorris 1848 Mendota IL C Utsler
Meehan unknown Staffordshire ENG, Clearfield Co PA E. Whelan-Terrin
Meehan near Belmullet bef 1887 Centralia PA>Hollyoke MA Lisa Groteler
Meenaghan Derrendafderg 1883 NY > OH Rose
Meeneghan Belmullet? 1882 Springfield NY via Wheeling WV Sara Campbell
Meer Mullighawny 1907-1921 Philadelphia PA Jean Emhof
Melia Kiltimagh late 1700s > Co Westmeath Leslie Drew
Mellett Kiltimagh not given Nancy M Reeb
Mellett, Millett unknown 1837 Sydney AU va Liverpool ENG Katrina Smythe
Melody Foxford not given Kimberley Brooker
Melody Carrick, Attymass 1891 Leeds, West Yorkshire Dee Melody
Melody Ballina 1912 Newark NJ Susan M Collins
Melody not given 1840 Lake Co. IL Nancy
Melvin Quay Road, Bunree ca 1860 Maureen M Morrow
Melvin Ballysakeery Par 1888 Boston area, MA Joe Egan
Melvin Clooniolla after 1840 Walton J Sullivan
Merchant Wesport UK 1900+ USA 1845+ Kath B
Merrick Ballyscanlan, Crossmolina not given Kate Sullivan
Miller Toormakeady, Carheen 1863 Sharon PA Ted Miller
Minehan Knock 1878 Fitchburg MA Elizabeth K Griffin
Minoughan Belmullet 1879-83 Canada > Chicago Margaret Minoughan
Missett Lower Lawn, Templemurry Par ca 1851 Carol Collins
Molloy Commons, Ballisnahia, Shrule Tuckahoe, Westchester County NY Jim Whalen
Molloy Fountain Hill, Kilmaine not given Marian Hayes
Molloy Bekan 1864 Leeds, Yorkshire ENG Sandy Lovell
Molloy, Mulloy Laveymore 1930s Nottingham UK Stephen Mulloy
Molloy, Mulloy Kilmaine, Frenchbrook, Fountain Hill 1850-1930 Cleveland, Chicago, NY Pat Walsh
Monaghan Muings 1940 Maureen Hamill
Monaghan Bohola 1901 Belleville NJ Tim Monaghan
Monaghan Stonefiled Chicago Megan Monaghan
Monaghan not given no given Lorraine
Monaghan Kilcommon and Robeen not given Kevin Pemrick
Monaghan Kilmaine, Curnacarton New York, Chicago, Cleveland Pat Walsh
Monahan Cong bef 1880 Lower East Side, NYC Rose Mary
Monnelly Belmullet, Glencastle 1862-4 Schuylkill Co. PA Marianne M Granoff
Mooney not given not given Paul Bowen
Moore Westport ca1865 Scranton PA Mary Lou Farley
Moore Carrowbaun, Farnaght or Knappagh June 1846 Michigan Mike Gavin
Moore Carrowbaun June 1846 Michigan Mike Gavin
Moraghan Castlebar area 1895-1905 Chicago IL Frank Dynan
Moran not given ca 1815-20 Canada Margo Joncas Huc
Moran unknown 1800s Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana Charlene
Moran Burren, Aglish, Castlebar not given Betty Bassett
Moran Backs, Knockmore 1845 Leeds, Yorkshire, England Pat
Moran Bohola Rathangan, Co Kildare > Willing NY Joseph Dorsey
Moran Kiltimagh Burnley, ENG Mary Beth M Nelsen
Moran Castlebar 1865 New York City > Wisner NE Linda
Moran Clare Island, Newport 1870 Cleveland Chris Leonard
Moran unknown 1844 USA Cloie Brevik
Moran Faheens 1868-9 New York Carol Lake
Moran Ballymagibbon, Cong 1890 New York Area Roisin McTigue
Moran Carrowmacloughlin, Turlough 1911 Oakland CA Bernard J Moran
Moran Faheens Blackburn, Lancashire Mary K Moran
Moran unknown 1818 Canada Mary C Moran
Moran Muingnabo, Glenamoy, Porturlin 1800 Nora T Buckley
Moran Knockfree not given Kate Sullivan
Moran Clare Island 1887 Chicago IL Anne Lewis
Moran Bofield, Bonniconlon, Ballina 1890s Scranton PA Clare Mulderrig
Moran Westport, Fairgreen 1892 Philadelphia PA Gene Alpin
Moran Cushlecka 1920s Cleveland > Buffalo > NYC John Bewick
Moran Killala not given John
Moran Carrowmacloughlin, Turlough ca 1900 Liverpool ENG Bernard J Moran
Moran Kildun Beg, The Neale 1911 Gary Moran
Moran Westport not given Kathleen
Moran County Mayo 1847 Boston MA, Marilla NY Mary C Moran
Moran NK bef 1865 Perth, SCT Kathleen Smart
Moran Castleroyan Swinford not given Nancy M Reeb
Moran Kiltimagh, Kinaffe Swinford not given Nancy M Reeb
Moran Westport not given Nicola Batmaz
Moran Ross West 1851 Philadelphia Kathy Kaminski
Moran Castlebar area 1859 Dearborn Co IN Marilyn Shanahan
Moran Carrowkeel, Crossmolina 1900 Boston MA Kate Sullivan
Moran unknown unknown Mary Kay Gleisner
Moran Castlebar 1852 CAN > KY >OH >IN >OH Linda Rodgers
Moran unknown 1853 Honesdale PA Clare Jones
Moran unknown ca 1840 Lake Co. IL Barbara Opitz
Moran Brackloon, Swinford not given Margaret S Kristich
Moran Newport & Ballyhean 1849 Cincinnati, St Louis, Chicago, Milan MO Pat Freehill
Moran not given 1870 NY>Jersey City NJ Jeanine Matthew
Morgan Curnageltha ca 1895 South Yorkshire Barnsley area Mary Morgan
Morgan Mayo 1870-1936 William O'Rourke
Morgan Curnagelta, Foxford district not given Jean Kelly
Morgan Ballyburke? Nottingham, England Suzanne
Morley Falleighter 1953 London ENG Jerome Burns
Morley Holiwell 1860 Derby, England Eric Riley
Morley Ballyhaunis area 1850ish Manchester UK Chris Morley
Morran, Moran Aglish or Castlebar region England & Australia Betty Bassett
Morrin Billypark, Cong 1885 St Louis MO, USA John J Wilson
Morris Knock 1917 Jersey City NJ Cathy Fallon
Morris Kinaffe not given Martin Morris
Morris Foxford 1909 Pittsburgh PA Maureen Goins
Morrison Kallalla Bay 1840s, Ontario CAN Diane
Morrisroe Ballaghaderreen, Bockagh, Tonregee 1889-1890 Seamiuse
Morrisroe Ballaghadereen ca 1850 England > USA Kathleen Blumenschine
Morrisroe Ballaghaderren, Bockagh late 1800s NY Ann Conlon
Morrisroe Ballaghaderreen late 1890's England Terry Morris
Morrissey Achill Island 1862 NY > Nebraska Dan Morrissey
Morris(s)on Glanedaugh, Co Mayo 1832 Ontario, Canada Billie Jean
Mortimer Lecanvey, Louisburgh Clinton MA Joyce Thomas
Mugan Castlebar ca 1850 Ontario CAN Michael Mugan
Mugan Islandeady 1829 New York City Jim Kenny
Mulchrone Westport 1875 Philadelphia PA Lorie
Mulchrone Buckagh near Newport 1944 England Charles Mulchrone
Mulcrone, Mulchrone, etc Newport, Westport 1853, Mackinac Island MI Anne Puetzer
Mulderrig Ballina England Claire Mulderrig
Mulderig, Mulderrig Altbaun, Bohola 1880-1910 St Louis Ellen
Mulderrig Ardagh, Crossmolina, Ballina USA Clare Mulderrig
Mulderrig Ardagh, Ballina 1851 MA & IL Bob Trehearne
Muldoon all over Mayo Manchester, Lancashire UK Evelynne
Muldowney Swinford ca1886 Betsey
Muldowney Tullinacurra, Swinford 1920s Canada > New York Christina Gapp
Muldowney Cloongullaun (galoon) 1871 Yonkers NY Nancy K Neely
Mulgrew Islandeady none Jim Kenny
Mulhearn NK bef 1860 Perth, SCT Kathleen Smart
Mulherin Killacorraun, Crossmolina 1863 Scranton Jennifer Willis
Mulherin unknown bef 1863 Mary P
Mulherin Ballina area, Ballysakeery Par various Joe Egan
Mulhern Cooneal, Ballysakerry whenever... Mary Jean Mulherin
Mulhern Kiltimagh not given Gerard Mulhern
Mulholland Swinford 1893 Chicago Art Mulholland
Mulkeen Coogue, Aghamore Parish 1880 San Francisco CA, Phila PA, & NYC Michael Duffy
Mullady, Malady unknown 1837 Wilna, NY Steven C Wehling
Mullagh Straide, Foxford 1855 Toronto CAN; 1856 NY John Mullagh
Mullahy Roundfort, Hollymount 1948 London UK Francis Mullahy
Mullan(e)y Kiltimagh not given Nancy M Reeb
Mullaney Connemara late 1800s NYC Eileen Loftus
Mullee, Mallee Knock not given Tony Haslam
Mullen Currower, Attymass, Ballina 1890s, 1900s Philadelphia, Scranton PA Clare Mulderrig
Mullen Corraun, Kildacommoge not given Pamela Dolan
Mullen not given not given Christine D Aller
Mullen not given 1850s Nita
Mullen, Mullin Balla/Manulla Parish not given David McAvenia
Mulligan Barnacogue 1866 James Mulligan
Mulligan Brackloon, Swinford area not given Margaret S Kristich
Mulloy, Malloy Rosturk and nearby areas 1883 Scranton, Ashley PA Kat
Mulloy Commons, Ballisnahia, Shrule Tuckahoe, Westchester County NY Jim Whalen
Mulloy Kilcundruff 1865-70 Denver Roberta Adamson
Mulroy Cloongee, Foxford 1950s Birmingham Marion Waite
Mulroy Castlebar 1853 England > USA Virginia
Mulroy Castlebar area not given Brenda Ryan
Mundl(e)y, Mundey not given not given Margaret J Brunette
Munnally Belmullet 1862-4 Schuylkill Co, PA Marianne Granoff
Munnelly Knockmoyle n/a Jim Kelly
Munnelly Belmullet 1909 NY > Pittsburgh PA Elaine Holmes
Munnelly Glencastle 1846 Canada Sharon
Murdock not given 1834 Ontario CAN Perry Murdock
Murdock Castlebar area, Turlough Par. ca 1833 Edwardsburg Twp, Grenville ONT, CAN Ray Burke
Murphy Ballyveal not given/did not emig? Helen Murphy
Murphy Killasser RC Parish Pittsburgh PA Suzanne Lemon
Murphy Shraheens 1852 Glasgow Brendon Murphy
Murphy Rathlacken, Ballina 1898 New York Heneghan England
Murphy Myles Estate, Kilmaine not given Obrien Murphy
Murphy Belmullet, Atty Cane 1883 Sydney AUS Kate Smeaton
Murphy unknown 1868-71 England > USA Joseph Murphy
Murphy Knockfree not given Kate Sullivan
Murphy Ballina 1872 New York Joe Murphy
Murphy Ballyburke 1900 Cleveland, Geneva NY Pat Deese
Murphy unknown 1859? England Julia Robinson
Murphy Newport, Burrishoole by 1856 Cleveland OH Jo Banks
Murphy Ballyhean 1929 NYC MaryPat Carey
Murphy Westport or Aghagower ca 1850 Ontario CAN Bob Hawkins
Murphy Ballyhean, Castlebar 1929 New York MaryPat Carey
Murray Ballina? 1866 Wilkes-Barre PA > 1890 Chicago IL Carola
Murray Westport, Oughaval RC parishes ca 1800 Quebec>Buffalo NY>Peterboro ONT Patti M Lucas
Murray Carrowdoogan, Attymass 1900s Chicago, others stayed in Mayo Tom Sadler
Murray Ballina not given Mary C Rundell
Murray So Mayo, Oughaval RC Parish ca 1880 Buffalo NY & Peterboro ONT P.M. Song
Murray Curraunbuoy, Erris not given Christine
Murray not given PA Francis Gibbons
Murray Newport 1906 Chicago Nancy Etzkorn
Murray Mulranny not given Mary
Murray Boniconlon 1895 Philadelphia Cincy Grosch
Murray The Woods, Kiltmagh UK, USA Ciaran Colgan
Murray unknown unknown Doreen Cahill
Murray Carrodoogan 1864 St Joseph, MO, USA Bill Murray
Murray Mayo 1849-52 NY Vern Ralph
Murry, Murray Cong 1850s ENG > 1880s Youngstown OH Daniel Murray
Murry, Murray Islandeady, Castlebar 1850 NYC Pat Barry
Murtagh Knock 1889 Fredonia NY John Bellman
Murtagh Swineford 1895 Boston MA Nancy
Murtagh Tubbercurry 1907-1910s Brooklyn NY > Philadelphia PA Caitlin Noel
Murta(u)gh Kiltimagh, Kinaffe Swinford not given Nancy M Reeb
Nallen Crossmolina 1845 Randolph Co. WVirginia Pat Coolican
Nalley Ballhounis 1893 Philadelphia Susan O'Malley
Nallin Longford Point, Crossmolina 1850 USA Eileen
Nally Balla 1876 England Christine Howard
Naughton unknown 1880 Braddock PA CD Sperl
Naughton Lahardane 1949 Denise Dolalrd
Naughton Friarstown, Coolcran Honesdale, Wayne Co PA Walton J Sullivan
Naughton, Norton Newport 1847 Cleveland OH Terry Gillespie
Navan Ballintober 1861 Manchester, England Dean Kirby
Navin Aughagower 1850 Canada > IL & IA Jan Egan
Nealis Crossmolina 1848 Australia Laurie Thompson
Nealon Crossmolina 1905 San Francisco CA Peggy Regan
Neary Breaffy, Ballina 1901 Philadelphia PA Gerard Donnachie
Neary Culmore Manchester, ENG Fiona Simpson
Neary Cloonlavis L, Knock, Kilbride, Mayo Abbey late 1880s Boston MA Rev B Vanasse
Neary Bangor, Erris, Kilcommon, Belmullet 1882 Holyoke MA Nancy Pohorylo
Needham Murrisk 1895 Philadelphia David O'Brien
Needham Murrisk, Cuileen 1880s Thompsonville (Enfield) CT Kathy Casey
Neeley Crossomolia 1853 Canada Jan Joynt
Neely Castlebard not given Siobhan Hoyes
Nephin not given late 1890s Quebec CAN Harlan
Nestor Sinolane 1924 New York Tom Nestor
Nicholson Louisburgh did not emigrate Mary Jochum
Nixon Inniskellen, Kilmeena 1760 Virgina USA Ann N Gazourian
Nolan Kilmaine not given Karen
Nolan Moyne (Ballina) n/a Jim Kelly
Nolan Kiltimagh not given Nancy M Reeb
Nolan Westport 1883 Clare Chesney
Nolan Cushlecka, Mulranny 1886 Brooklyn NY Eric Nolan
Noon not given 1834 Jennings Co, Indiana Pat Noon Wilson
Noon Ballycroy did not emigrate Mary
Noonan not given 1850s Jim Heston
Noone Foxford not given Kathleen Patrick
Noone Foxford 1894 England Jeanne Koss
Noone Kilcolman, Claremorris 1861 Weston, Middlesex MA Joe Jennings
Noone Crossmolina Parish 1863 Scranton PA J Willis
Noone Knocknalower 1948 Chicago IL Kevin Noonan
Oates Kiltimagh not given Nancy M Reeb
O'Boyle Ballyhaunis NY Bryan Trembath
O'Boyle Rosport, Cornboy 1860 Nora T Buckley
O'Boyle Broadfield Ballyvary not given Margaret Barwell
O'Boyle Westport, Castlebar 1850s Patti Meyers
O'Boyle Derrymarten, Addergoole 1846-47 Canada Paul Plante
O'Boyle Claremorris 1886 Phila or NYC Winnie
O'Boyle Islandeady area did not emigrate Ellenjane
O'Boyle Lackalustraun, Crossmolina 1910 New York K. Schweda
O'Brien unknown betw 1821-1850 Liverpool Cathy O'Brien
O'Brien Kiltimagh 1900 John O'Brien
O'Brien Broadfield Ballyvary not given Margaret Barwell
O'Brien Kiltimagh not given Nancy M Reeb
O'Brien NK 1840s Manchester, Eng Gillian Smith
O'Brien South Mayo 1840s Manchester UK Gill Rice
O'Byrne not given 1849 Canada Tammy O'Byrne
O'Caine Ballina 1850s Pennsylvania Jackie Niemeyer
O'Connor Kiltimagh 1880s Oregon Joe Holder
O'Connor Louisburgh 1888 Quebec, Canada Sharon Poirier
O'Connor Boula, Ower San Francisco Kevin
O'Connor Wesport, Castlebar area 1845-7 Chester, Carlisle, Jarrow ENG Terry O'Connor
O'Connor Parish Robeen bet 1843-52 Cattaraughus Co NY Jeannie Onasch
O'Donnell Newport 1884 Philadelphia Regina Bell
O'Donnell Attymass, Foxford did not emig Terry Foran
O'Donnell Cashel, Parke, Turlough, Castlebar 1942 John & Mgt O'Donnell
O'Donnell Turlough, Derrylahan 1910-20 Brooklyn NY Virginia Zelinsky
O'Donnell near Westport St. Louis MO Julie Chitwood
O'Donnell Kiltimagh not given Nancy M Reeb
O'Donnell Charlestown not given Patty Reilly
O'Donnell Westport, poss Inishbofin 1848-49 Cleveland OH Maura McCormick
O'Donnell Turlough, Sranalee did not emigrate Winifred O'Donnell
O'Dowd Bonnifinglas 1945 Antony O'Dowd
O'Dowd not given not given Richard O'Dowd
O'Fuata unknown ca 1845 Liverpool Allen Ohrt
O'Gara Leguan, Corskeagh, Claremorris 1889 Brooklyn, some did not emig Virginia Zelinsky
O'Grady Louisburgh 1850s NJ > Scranton PA Danalee Lavelle
O'Halloren Killasser not given Christopher Simpson
O'Hara Cloghadockan, Turlough 1890-1905 Cincinnati OH Allison W Erickson
O'Hara Ballindine 1930s Marion Breed
O'Hara Moygawnaugh 1846 Palo Alto, Pottsville,  PA Marilyn Anderson
O'Hara, O'Hora Ballyderrig, Ballynahaglish Parish 1865 CAN? 1867 Niagara Falls NY Kate Parle
O'Hare unknown 1880 USA, 1877 Australia Cornelia O'Hare
O'Hora Lack not given Michael Lee
O'Hora Ballina not given Patrick O'Hora
O'Hora Kilmoremoy, Ballina; Ballysakeery, Conneal 1845-6 Buffalo NY Greg Swartz
O'Hora Lack, Turlough unknown Virginia Zelinsky
O'Hora Bohola,  Kiltimagh not given Nancy M Reeb
O'Hora, O'Hara Lack, Turlough 1892 Geneva NY MaryPat Carey
Old Foxford Scotland Jean
O'Malia unknown bef 1868 Lee Co, IL Steven O Dale
O'Malley not given 1892 Philadelphia PA Susan O'Malley
O'Malley Correymailley 1919 Buffalo NY Anne Byrne
O'Malley Upper Kilsallagh 1892 ? Queensland Kathi Zane
O'Malley Aughagower Parish 1926 Bronx NY Jeremiah McKenna
O'Malley unknown Philadelphia Nicole O'Malley
O'Malley Clare Island 1845 Newcastle Upon Tyne Mike Dunne
O'Malley not given 1892 Philadelphia Susan O'Malley
O'Malley Islandeady 1907 Philadelphia Tom O'Malley
O'Malley Dowagh Cross 1890 New York area Roisin McTigue
O'Malley Bohola, Toocannanagh 1899 Scranton PA Susan McMullen
O'Malley Clare Island 1854 Allamakee Co IO; 1869 Chicago Kate B Davis
O'Malley unknown 1877 Boston, Worcester MA, Providence RI Bill Malley
O'Malley Churchquarter ca 1890 Jeanne Mackie
O'Malley Louisburgh early 1900, Clinton MA Mary K McNally
O'Maley, O'Malia Westport 1850s Martin, Daviess Co, IN Linda Rodgers
O'Malley Kilgeever, Louisburgh early 1900s Clinton MA Colleen Lavoie
O'Malley Louisburgh, Kilgeever Par. 1849 New York Deanie Guggino
O'Malley Newport 1875 Chicago Melissa Whitsitt
O'Malley Askilaun, Louisburgh ca 1885 James G O'Callahan
O'Malley Westport not given Robert W Ness
O'Malley Newport, Claremorris 1949 Chicago IL Walter O'Malley
O'Malley Castlebar 1888 NY > OH Rose
O'Malley near Westport 1878 Fitchburg MA Elizabeth K Griffin
O'Malley unknown 1848 Philadelphia Lorraine Faris
O'Malley Louisburgh Killadoon did not emigrate Catch
O'Malley not given 1856 > Madison Co NY, 1864 > Rock Co WI Mary Kay Mullen
O'Malley Clare Island 1883 NY > Boston Kathleen O'Malley
O'Malley Castlewbawn, Swinford did not emigrate Margaret S Kristich
O'Malley Louisburgh 1927 Clinton MA Sheila Davitt
O'Mally Clare Island Scotland Eileen Fern
O'Mally unknown Virgil, Maple Park IL Kathy Hiatt
O'Melia Clare Island, Newport 1870 Cleveland Chris Leonard
O'Melia unknown 1840s England Pamela Spencer
O'Melia, O'Malia not given 1856 Madison Co NY > 1864 Rock Co WI Mary Kay Mullen
O'Neal Belderg 1850 New York City John P Garrah
O'Neill Lettermaghera not given Tony O'Neill
O'Neill unknown ca 1857 Mulgrave, Blanche, QBC, CAN Lynn
O'Neill Bohola, Kiltimagh not given Nancy M Reeb
O'Reilly Swineford 1895 Boston MA Nancy
Ormsby Ballina Galway 1865 > Boston MA 1880 Bobbie Hall
Ornsby Carravanee not given Sandy Wire
O'Rourke Mayo ca 1870 Haslingden, Lancs Nancy Stafford
O'Rourke Crossmolina by 1840s upstate NY, USA Kathleen ONeil
O'Scanlan Castlebar 1845 France David Whiteing
O'Shea Killadeer 1900 unknown Pat Deese
O'Toole Derrymore, Drummin, Westport 1908 New York USA Maura Gibbons
O'Toole Louisburgh 1874 Clinton MA Joe Root
O'Toole Accony, Aghany, Roonah Chicago IL Nancy Bond
O'Toole Louisburgh late 1800s NY > St Louis Sean O'Toole
O'Toole Innisturk early 1890s Boston Charlotte Dion
Owen Cloonooragh, Crossmolina 1881-3Holy Rosary, Scranton PA J J Flynn
Owens Brackloonagh South ca 1873, Illinois, Minnesota Julianne Mevis


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